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World Champion Hanoverian showjumping gelding.



ET Cryzootech (clone of ET-FRH)

2006, Chestnut, CLONED Hanoverian Stallion.

ET Cryzootech is the result of cloning the famous ‘gelding’ ET-FRH (above)! His cloned stallion (ET Cryzootech) was born in 2006, and his first foal crop was born in 2010.


E.T. Cryzootech

ET-FRH (aka E.T., born in Hanover, Germany) is an outstanding showjumper. He has won everything, from national competitions in Germany to the Olympic Games in Atlanta, and the World cup in Geneva in 1996, the champion has shown his talent and the performance of his genetics. His prizes list is unique! Between 1994 and 2003, he won all major show jumping competitions: twice winner of the World Cup, N°1 on the World ranking for 3 years in a row! His show record includes over 120 Grand Prix titles, including 4th at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, 2nd in the European Championships in Manheim.


Even at 17 years, in 2004, he remained in front of the international scene, with his victory in the Grand Prix of Münster. Hugo Simon, his rider and owner, considers ET-FRH as the horse of his life.

ET-FRH, who is castrated, will unfortunately have no offsprings. That is why Cryozootech presented its solution to Hugo Simon. E.T. is a modern horse: light, rapid and nimble. Without the cloning technique, he would have been lost for breeders who are looking for exceptional genetics.


Frozen Semen. Contact us if you’re interested in breeding to ET Cryzootech!
Video of ET-FRH during his last jumping season.
Video of ET – Cryozootech (cloned stallion) working under saddle at 5 years-old.