Gene Banking enables owners to preserve their horse’s genetics so they have the option of making a copy of them in the future.
Contact us to request a Gene Banking contract and schedule your horse’s appointment.
Imminently affordable at $1,600 per horse for tissue banking!
  • Return a signed contract complete with required information and check for your purchase amount.
  • All Gene Banking fees must be paid before a kit can be issued.
  • A kit will be sent to your veterinarian. It contains material which must be stored and returned within several days and immediately after the tissue sample is complete.
  • We will notify you when your sample is received.
  • When the process is complete you will receive a reference number for your sample and this will remain on file in case you need it in the future.


Gene Banking requires only a small tissue sample taken from your horse’s neck. The biopsy site is closed with one stitch and heals quickly. It is best to do this while your horse is healthy. In cases where a horse dies suddenly, a tissue sample can be obtained and refrigerated until a biopsy kit arrives – but time is of the essence!

A cloned horse is identical to the original in many ways. These include conformation, base coat color and size. Clients tell us that their cloned horses are very similar in personality and temperament to the original.


    1. Safely store your valued horse’s DNA while healthy.
    2. Bank an expensive horse’s DNA before selling him so that you can clone him in the future.
    3. Preserve the DNA of a promising athlete to see how their career develops.
    4. Store DNA for stem cell therapy.
    5. Maintain DNA of a proven champion to guarantee that this bloodline will be available in the future.
    6. emergencyboxIn Case of Emergency or sudden loss of your horse, you have the peace of mind that it is already stored and a clone can be made at any time in the future.